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Allergy season. Just the words send chills down the spine of the 20 percent of Americans who suffer with it every year. A runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and just generally feeling poor. Now, of course, there is medicine to help relieve most of the symptoms. The problem is like most medicines; there are side effects. People often experience a “spaced out” feeling from anti-histamines. Luckily the supermarket can act as a medicine chest without the side effects.

Usually just as you enter the market, you run right into the fresh fruit and vegetable department. Touchdown! That’s where you want to be. Head straight for the apples.

Apples are one of those amazing fruits that consistently seem to be surprising everyone with a new health benefit. It turns out there really was something to the whole “an apple day keeps the doctor away” bit. Now, apples have a flavonoid called quercetin. Many fruits and vegetables have flavonoids that help combat allergies, but this quercetin is excellent at it. It helps inhibit the bodies release of histamines. Histamines are the nasty little things that make your nose leak. Apples also thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. So double win. Basically, apples rock.

While in the produce section, don’t forget to stop over at the citrus fruits. Most citrus fruits like lemons and oranges also contain the potent quercetin. It sounds like a fresh fruit salad could put the brakes on the itchy eyes and runny nose. 

If fruit isn’t what you’re craving, you are in luck. Onions are also loaded with the same flavonoid as apples. So if you’re craving an onion and tomato salad, you’ll be doing a body good. 

Here’s a quick fact. If you plug your nose and close your eyes, then take a bite from an apple, onion, and a potato, you won’t be able to tell one from another. It’s all tied into taste buds needing smell to distinguish what’s what. Cool huh?

Another item to add the shopping cart is local honey. Now it’s been known hundreds, if not thousands of years that honey has many different health benefits. The ones we are talking about is honeys ability to help the body build up immunity to local pollen. Now like many folk cures, they can’t all be proven %100 in a lab every time, but enough people have used it over the years with good results that there might be something to it. 

Makes sense really. 

Local bees gather the local pollen to make the honey. Now when you take in that honey, you are being exposed to a little of that pollen. One of the treatments for allergies is exposing the sufferer to small amounts of a particular allergen. That’s just what might be going on with the local honey. And if not, it still is a great cough syrup and tastes great.  

While in the market for your tissues for your runny nose, don’t head straight to the pharmacy. Stop off at the produce section and see what some healthy raw food can do for you.

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