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I am a raw foodist and health enthusiast.  I was introduced to raw late ‘06 to early ‘07. I immediately loved the concept and wanted to learn more about it. Since then I have been on a journey to raw. I have submerged myself into literature, magazines, classes, seminars and so forth. I find that raw food is my passion. My goal is to educate others about the benefits of raw food and diet regimens that work for their unique bodies. 

My raw food diet testimonial

  • I have had dry skin and eczema all my life.  My skin is smoother and not nearly as dry.  I can go 24 hours without lubricating my skin when I am raw.  Coming from a person who could not go one hour without putting lotion on her hands is amazing.

  • Symptoms of Candida were minimal to none.

  • Monthly symptoms reduced or non-existent.  No mood swings, no bloating, no monthly facial breakouts. 

  • Chronic back pain stopped.

  • Losing weight, while eating more food, and still being satisfied.

  • Overall mood and ability to deal with stress is much better.

  • The want or need to be outside to enjoy the elements went up.

  • The urge to help save the environment increased.  Go Green!

  • A great since of urgency to help and share my experiences with others.

I am currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, where I am learning over 100 diet methodologies and I am training to assist those interested in improving their health and happiness through their diet and lifestyle.  I have also received a Living on Live Food Level 1 Chef Certification.

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