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How I Changed My Life, In 30 Days

As a health coach I remind my clients progress is great. Start where you are! If your goal is to lose 5 pounds and you eliminate 3 pounds, that is great. If you want to move towards a healthier diet and the only thing you do this week is remove soda from your diet, that is awesome and great progress!

Start where you are! I find that when I try to be perfect in any situation of life it can be paralyzing and I don’t move forward at all. For example; I recently had a juicing workshop that I wanted to be perfect. I put off putting an early date on the calendar because I wanted everything at the demo to be perfect.

I moved forward, with great encouragement of a peer and I had the workshop anyway. I remember what my vision was, to help people learn to heal themselves of common ailments and to live a happy awesome life.

I realized things will come up, that is inevitable. In the end, no one noticed when I missed a key phrase, or went out of order, etc. At the end, I have grown, I have improved, I have made progress.

After the workshop, I received a lot of kudos and feedback. I recently received the most awesome news ever, after one of my juice speeches a peer skipped over vegetarian and has started following a vegan diet! She is enjoying her energy and excited with her progress. To think, if I let myself get stuck in paralysis what impact I would have missed out on. This, needless to say, helped me to have the most awesome day ever.

Now that is progress!

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