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When you’re trying to pursue a certain kind of diet, it can quickly become very expensive to stick to a confining roster of foods. Depending on where you live, the added variables of scarcity, fluctuating prices, and the season can make it very hard to get many of the things you will need to actively pursue better health. If you’ve had issues getting started because you’re concerned about the price of the ingredients, you might be happy to know that this article will be geared towards sharing a few tips for saving money on juicing.

Buy Watery Vegetables
This should be a pretty common sense answer but it’s worth mentioning. Some vegetables have very little moisture in them. That means that you’ll be shedding that vegetable into pulp without getting much of what you’re looking for. Try juicing more moisture filled things like cucumbers. They can make an excellent base for your juicing. Citrus fruits are also a great source of juice. Just be sure that you’re getting something out of the fruits you buy so that you don’t have to juice an entire bag just for one glass.

Buy Low-Cost Produce
There are lots of ways to buy cheap produce. In some places, you can find specialty stores that allow you to buy very reasonably priced produce. There are also farmers markets that sell very fresh produce and people will often sell large amounts for low prices to make sure that they are making money on a crop. Most stores have sales due to surplus, and that can be a great time to stock up on a nice high moisture fruit to use in your juicing. Just be sure to pick a few things that can help you keep from getting sick of the juice you get from it.

Grow Your Own
For people with a small amount of land around them or even just an area in the home where they can grow produce, it can be very rewarding and satisfying to grow your own produce. Much of what you need is relatively affordable even with small investments to get ready for growing, but having a small crop on a head of fresh produce will definitely pay for itself very quickly. There are even hydroponic systems that can grow several types of vegetables in shorter periods of time while yielding juicy produce that you’ll love.

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