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When you’re planning to make your own homemade green juice, what do you think should go into it? Green juice can have a lot of different options and flavors, but what kind of vegetables are going to get you the most out of your drink? Some vegetables have powerful effects that are great for certain conditions and health remedies, but some mixture requires a certain amount of care. Once you’ve got some time to think about what you want to get out of your drink, you can then select the superfood vegetables for your green juice.

This leafy green vegetable has so many helpful attributes for daily living that it would probably be a good idea to incorporate it into your green juice whenever you can. Spinach is a basic vegetable in that it can help to calm stomach acids. It’s a great anti-inflammatory, so if you have any type of swelling, it can help bring it down, so you can get some relief. It’s high in iron, and it has a vitamin K content that can help you to prevent bone loss over time, which is responsible for many ailments that take place later in life.

Some people say that cucumbers lack nutritional benefits, but that is entirely false. Although it might not contain as many vitamins as a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli, the cucumber still contains many minerals that are important for life functions like the building of cells. The silica that they contain is extremely important for the formation and building of connective tissues as well. If you add some of this to your green drink, you’ll also get a powerful punch of vitamin A, which is great for your skin health.

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that has outrageously beneficial attributes. One of the most notable things about them is their extremely high vitamin levels, but the most interesting of these are its vitamin C and folate amounts. You’ve probably heard about how amazing vitamin C can be for the body, because it helps with the immune system, and provides you with an energy boost, but folate or vitamin B is important because it’s part of what helps cells reproduce themselves. Without that ability, your body wouldn’t be able to repair cells or replace them with new ones. Getting lots of broccoli can help you to heal faster and it’s an easy way to get a balanced meal without having to eat a lot of different foods.

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