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The purpose of this blog is to:

• Encourage you in this journey to a healthier lifestyle,

• Provide a safe non-judgmental environment,

Inform and point you to valuable resources such as books, websites, blogs, life centers, etc,

• Provide support to avoid or get through obstacles,

• Remind you that your participation is important.  It is up to us to encourage each other.

On this blog you will see the use of the word “raw” interchangeably with “living”.

You will find raw and whole food recipes to help you obtain your health goals.

Some of the many benefits are:

• Increased energy

• Improved digestion (obtains all the enzymes needed to digest food)

• Improved skin appearance

Weight loss

• Heightened spiritual awareness

• Obtaining 100% of the nutrients the earth has provided

It is not by chance or coincidence that you desire to change your health or to change how you feel about your life and your eating habits.  Like most raw foodists and health conscientious people I know, the desire to feel better and achieve our highest potential, both physically and spiritually, were the driving forces behind living a raw food diet.

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.  Our world in its current state is a direct reflection of where we are collectively in the spiritual realm.  We begin to transform our lives through the belief that we have the power to change. Thus, we transform the world around us by our personal transformation.

Do you desire to lose weight?  Follow a raw food diet and you will lose the unwanted pounds.  Do you desire to be more spiritually balanced?  Follow a raw food diet and you will be more spiritually aware.  You will be lead by God to where your spirit desires to be.

Wikipedia Definition of Raw Foodism and Raw Foodist

Raw foodism is a lifestyle promoting the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet .  Depending on the type of lifestyle and results desired, raw food diets may include a selection of raw fruits , vegetables , nuts , seeds (including sprouted whole grains ), eggs , fish , meat , and unpasteurized dairy products (such as raw milk , cheese and yogurt).

A raw foodist is a person who consumes primarily raw food, or all raw food, depending on how strict the diet is.  Raw foodists typically believe that the greater the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits. Members of the raw food community claim that raw food encourages weight loss and prevents and/or heals many forms of sickness and many chronic diseases .

What is a raw foodist?

A person that generally intakes 75% or more of raw foods.

Raw foodists believe that the maximum benefits are seen at 100% raw food intake.

What are raw foods?

Raw foods are living foods that still have living enzymes.

Enzymes die when food is prepared over 105-116 degrees.

Foods that have been cooked, processed, and/or pasteurized over 115 degrees are not raw.

If it does not state on a label that a food is raw or living, I would not take the risk.

Raw foods may include vegetables, cultured veggies, sea veggies, fruit, seeds, sprouted grains, and sprouted nuts.

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